Saturday, April 28, 2012

DIY: Book Stack Necklace


I first saw it via anthropolgie. Then I saw it all over the interweb and I couldn't help but try and make one myself.

*side note: i'm still not great at diy's, sometimes I add in extra materials, lose materials, and forget to photograph along the way so bear with me :)

-An old disposable book
-Super glue
-Three different colors of leather
-A necklace chain
-A necklace clasp
-Craft pliers
-Push pins
-A pointy thingy..(the one with the red handle, i found it in my daddy's tool box!)

1. Cut your leather into rectangles (I used some leather cases for glasses I found at the D.I. at 75 cents each)

 If it has wierd fabric on a side, feel free to just pull it off :)

2. Measure your leather on the book pages and cut them out, then fold them in half. 

4. Layer your pages individually rather than one folded in another.

5. Bring all the pages to an even surface and then bind them with masking tape
(I used clear tape, and it doesn't stick to the super glue very well so i reccomend masking.)

 6. Put your super glue down on the leather and lay your pages on top and fold
( I also super glued some pages together, so it wasn't so open looking...)

 7. Let them dry underneath a heavy book, I used the host.  :)

 8. I left mine to sit for about 45 minutes, I then cut off the edges that were sticking out with scissors and an expo knife.

9. Poke through the leather and first couple of pages with a sharp pokey thing so your pin can have a place to start, then push the pin all the way through

10. This is where things get a bit crazy so bear with me. I bought some certain pin things to ultimitaley hold the books together, of course I couldn't find them anywhere. I used some extra earring hooks instead.
I simply flattened out a hook and guided it through the hole I made with the pin.
Sadly the hook was not long enough to go through all three books so I took my pliers and made my own loop from the bottom of the earring hook, and hooked it to the top of another earring got all that?

Then to hold it all in, i just bent the bottom of the second hook all crazy like. :)

11. In the midst of doing all that I attached my clasp and took of some of the chain off so it was the length that I wanted and then attached the books!
That step is as easy as prying open the chain links and closing them.
Don't mind my hair, I know its the craziest. 

 I hope you like, cause I sure do! I hope you got it all!


  1. this is so adorable ray! i'm loving them :)
    also, i feel ridiculous and stupid, but i've been trying to follow your blog and i can't find the follow button

    1. Hey I'm glad you like it! And thanks for pointing that's super weird that it's just like gone...Im totally trying to figure it out! I'll let you know when i do? ha sorry lady!

  2. You are so talented! And I love your blog's look, by the way! Simple, but adorable.

  3. This is so cute! I love ur blog. New follower in me!


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